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A las 4:54pm del agosto 13, 2013, Killoquin dijo...

Happy birthay Annette

A las 5:11am del agosto 13, 2010, Hebe dijo...
Hello Annette!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Que lo disfrutes!! Un abrazo desde Argentina.
A las 12:44am del julio 3, 2009, Administrador de Ser Real dijo...
Hi, dear friend

More about the languages in this site.

We would like to be able to select the language when we send out articles written by the members. But we couldn't find yet the technical way to do it. That means that you will receive them in the language that was originally written. And sometimes there is not translation available.

We hope you will understand these limitations and enjoy our site!

and thank you for you patience!
A las 10:43am del julio 2, 2009, Administrador de Ser Real dijo...
Hi Annette;

Welcome to our Virtual home. We’re very glad you’re here.

We are here to support you and be with you on this journey to experience Life. You’re not alone, and you can remove the veil of Illusion and start enjoying who you really are.

If you want to know more about CMR, Cellular Memory Release, we suggest you visit the ¿What is the CMR-Cellular Memory Release process?

Here are some tips to make it easy for you to use this page:

1- You can join, comment or participate in any group. This is your home!

2.- On my page (Ser Real Administrator) you’ll find periodic blogs with the most recent news so it’s easy for you to keep informed. To access my page, just click on my image.

3.- You’ll notice this page is bilingual, and that every 3 or 4 days the language of the interface changes from English into Spanish. This is to help integrate all of the community’s friends.

4.- If you have any problem surfing or participating in any Group or Forum, please, leave a note on my page and I will do my best to help you. The Administrator is made up of 4 members of the community that share different roles and is here to serve you

Also, on this site you will find awesome ways to grow. You’ll also find that there are people who speak only Spanish. Since this is a place for everybody, we try our best to post bilingual content. Still, this is not always possible, since sometimes the material is not available in both languages. At times volunteer friends pitch in and do some translations. If you are bilingual, you can also become a volunteer friend and help with this task.
In order to allow all members a chance to understand its many aspects, we also switch the language of the interface periodically.
We hope you enjoy the site—your new home…

Thank you!


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