CMR eSeries by Luis Diaz-English


CMR eSeries by Luis Diaz-English

With Luis, we are creating this place to learn the basics of Emotional Healing and Cellular Memory. We can interact with each other and Luis as we study this informative and very practical educational series.

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Educational eSeries

Are you studying the CMR eSeries - connect here with others for sharing insights, support and discussion.

Click here to receive eSeries:

If you are one who values

•learning the basics of CMR work from the eSeries and how others are applying it
•learning and interacting in an online group setting
•the convenience to come back to the eSeries group any time day or night and explore and discuss insights with others

then, the CMR eSeries Group is definitely for you!

Thanks to the world-wide web, we have the ability to interact and learn through a series of valuable teachings Luis Diaz has designed for Emotional Healing at the Cellular Level. It really doesn't matter where we are on the planet. As long as there’s an internet connection, we will be able to get the support we need as if we were there in person.

I believe whole-heartedly that all three transformational triggers incorporated in the CMR process will free us from emotional and physical suffering. It's helpful to have a group to study and interact with as we learn to apply the lessons we receive each week in the eSeries.

To begin, join the support group here and then go to
and join the CMR eSeries.

Let's get started!

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CMR eSeries #2 The Light Body

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Comentario de Debbie Magee el julio 13, 2009 a las 3:07pm
Hi everyone!

I took the eSeries at the beginning of the year and now I'm taking it again. I hope we can share here what we are learning and the difference it makes in our lives.

I look forward to connecting with everyone in this group that's interested in the CMR process. If you are wondering what the three transformational triggers are, they are mentioned on the HOME page of this website.

"CELLULAR MEMORY RELEASE, or CMR, is a system that is designed to rapidly release energy blockages that create mental, physical or emotional discomfort. While being applied, it activates the three main transformational triggers that facilitate healing and empowerment: PRESENCE/AWARENESS, BELIEF SYSTEM INVESTIGATION and EMOTIONAL RELEASE."

Here's to our true life transformation!

Comentario de Luis Angel Diaz el julio 13, 2009 a las 2:42pm
pon tus comentarios en cada una de las eSeries. Listo

Las vamos a comenzar a hacer en espaniol tambien.
Comentario de Alicia Riaño R el julio 13, 2009 a las 2:00pm
Gracias por la bienvenida al grupo, aunque no se bien como se participa

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