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Grupos de Sukadev Bretz

Yoga Practice Videos- download onto your Video Player

Hanumanasana Yoga Class with Elke and Jana

Enjoy this short Hanumanasana Yoga Class with Elke and Jana presented by Among other asanas you will learn intermediate asanas like the splits. If you are interested in one of our seminars in one of our four ashrams in Germany you can click here: We do also have lots of seminars in English!

Yoga Eye Exercises

Strengthen your eye sight and relax your eyes. Anybody sitting in front of a computer or a TV for long hours can benefit immensely from practicing these Yoga eye exercises daily. You can do them sitting on a chair or on the floor, or in a standing position. Eye exercises also help to balance the brain hemispheres and harmonize the mind. Presented by Lisa Schwarz and Sukadev of This is a recording of a few years ago. These eye exercises are timeless - and very helpful for all with smartphone, iphone, PC, Mac etc.

Joyful Breath - simple exercise for more joy in your life

Narayani shows you how to bring more joy into your life with this simple Yoga Breathing exercise. More Yoga Videos This is a repost of one of our "Hall of Fame" Videos.

Yoga Class Intermediate 30 Minutes - Chakra Concentration

A special gift for your Yoga Practice: A high-quality-30-minute Yoga Video for practicing at home. The Yoga Vidya Basic class, very similar to the Rishikesh Series and the Sivananda Basic class. Special attention is given to the concentration of the Chakras. You should already know the basic postures. Then you can give your personal practice a boost with this special Yoga Class Video. More on Yoga: - Big Yoga Community This is one of our all-time-favorite Yoga Classes, published 2009. We reposted it as so many enjoy the this classed and get great benefits.

Yoga Relax - 10 minutes gentle Yoga Class

Relax and regenerate with this 10 minute Yoga class for beginners and advanced. If you feel tired and feel unable to do a full Yoga class, try out this "Yoga Relax" Class. Simple, easy-to-do, suited even for lazy people. You will feel new strenght, energy and positivity, ready for a wonderful day or evening. This series is very good even for anybody desiring sound sleep. Presented by Lisa Schwarz and Sukadev Bretz of Yoga Vidya. One of our "Hall of Fame" Yoga Classes - orginally published 2009 - still inspiring.

Yoga Class intermediate level 10 Minutes

10 minutes Yoga class for intermediate students. Experience new energy, power and enhanced awareness. With sun salutation, shoulderstand, forwand, cobra, spinal twist, final relaxation. With Georgina and Sukadev from Yoga Vidya Ashram Bad Meinberg, Germany. This is a repost of one of our earliest Yoga Classes - still inspiring. One of the all-time-favorites of the Yoga Vidya "Hall of Fame Yoga Classes".

Yoga for Complete Beginners - Yoga Class 20 Minutes

Yoga for complete beginners. Gentle Yoga Class of 20 minutes. For relaxation, more energy and joy. Relaxation pose: Crocodile Poses to relax the lower back. Shoulder exercises to relax the neck and shoulders. Sitting forward bend for flexibility. Inclined plane for strengthening the back. Spinal twist for good massage of the abdominal organs. Final relaxation to really let go. You will feel full refreshed and recharged. Try it out! Demonstrated by Aruna, instructions by Sukadev Bretz of . Music by Yogi Hari. More Videos on

Beginners Yoga Class 10 Minutes

New Energy and Relaxation with this 10 minutes Beginner's Yoga Class. Sun salutation, shoulderstand, fish, forward bend, cobra, relaxation. Suited for daily practice for anybody who is either in good physical shape or has some previous knowledge about Yoga. Presented by Sukadev and Lisa of Yoga Vidya. This is an oldy but goodie: This was the first Show of this Yoga Practice Podcast - and one of the most popular ones. You could say: This is one Video of our Yoga Hall of Fame. More Infos on

Short yoga class for advanced beginners

Practice along with this short yoga class for busy people.This is a short yoga class for advanced beginners`. A complete yoga practice in 25 minutes: initial relaxation or savasana, sun salutations, shoulder stand, plow, fish, seated forward bend, inclined plane, cobra, half locust, half spinal twist with straight legs, and final relaxation. Recorded at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg. Demonstrated by Thuy. Camera: Eduard. Voice: Sita. More information about Yoga Vidya and Yoga. More videos! Become a yoga teacher in 4 weeks – International yoga teachers` training.

Heart opening meditation with Sukadev

German with English translation! In this guided meditation uses Sukadev the technique of visualization. The meditation guides us into a connection with heaven and earth. Seats stable and relaxed for the meditation. For more English yoga videos, music, blog posts, etc., please visit our English pages For more information on English classes, courses and seminars at Yoga Vidya, please see our english seminar pages. 20 minütige geführte Meditation mit Sukadev. Setze dich ruhig und entspannt hin für die Meditation! Nimm einige tiefe Atemzüge. Übe in der Meditation Visualisierungen und erschaffe eine Verbindung mit den Energien des Himmels und der Erde. Informationen über Meditation und Meditationstechniken findest du auf dem Yoga Vidya Meditationsportal. Hier findest du alle Seminare zum Thema Meditation bei Yoga Vidya. Bei Yoga Vidya finden täglich Yoga Kurse, Abendkurse, Mantrasingen und vieles mehr statt. Erfahre mehr über Yoga Vidya.

Acro Yoga demonstration by a group of AcroYoga Teacher

AcroYoga demonstration from the AxroYoga Teacher Training Level 1. Enjoy this wonderful AcroYoga performance full of courage and enthusiasm. Functional rooms bookable at Seminarhaus Shanti in Bad Meinberg, Germany. Our english website. English Videos about Yoga, meditation and more! Information on Yoga Vidya Teachers Training Course or workshops. For more English yoga videos, music, blog posts, etc., please visit our english pages.

Sun Salutation - Slowly exactly Motion

This Sun Salutation is suitable for beginners. Sun salutations or Surya Namaskar very slowly and exactly with detailed information. Kaivalya guides you through the 12 steps of the sun salutations, explaining at each step what to do. The best warm-up exercise before beginning yoga postures. At Yoga Vidya the Sun Salutation will be practiced typically after the breathing exercises and before the asanas. Commented by Kaivalya, demonstrated by Nadin. Visit Yoga Vidya in Germany and stay in a peaceful environment at four various places at the North Sea, the Teutoburger forest, the Allgäu or in the Westerwald. Visit Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg in Germany and stay in a peaceful environment. More about Yoga Vidya. Join our great Yoga Community! Information about the next Congress. Yoga Vidya Teachers Training Course or workshops.

Kakasana – several advanced varations of the Crow

Try the side Crow, a challenging Yoga Asana. Monika shows several variations of Kakasana, the Crow from different perspectives. The Crow helps to develop balance, concentration and strength. Commented by Kaivalya, demonstrated by Monika. More about Yoga Vidya. Join our great Yoga Community! Information about the next Congress. Yoga Vidya Teachers Training Course or workshops. Visit Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg in Germany and stay in a peaceful environment.

Yoga demonstration by the Portuguese Yoga Confederation at the European Yoga Congress 2016 in Durbuy

From 27th-29th May 2016 was the 2nd European Yoga Congress in Radhadesh, near Durbuy / Belgium. A Yoga Vidya Delegation together with Sukadev (the founder of Yoga Vidya) participated at this meeting of great European yoga organizations. A highlight was an appearance with Kirtan and asanas of Confederação Portuguesa do Yoga / Yoga Portuguese Confederation. Yogis from Portugal, led by H. H. Jagat Guru Amrta Súránanda Maha Raja showing here deep devotion and joy in their practice. More about Yoga Vidya. Join our great Yoga Community!. Information about the next Congress and about Yoga Vidya Teachers Training Course or workshops. Vom 27.-29. Mai 2016 fand der 2. European Yoga Congress in Radhadesh, Nähe Durbuy/Belgien, statt. Bei diesem Treffen der großen europäischen Yoga Organisationen haben wir mit einer Delegation den verschiedenen Yoga Vidya Ashrams gemeinsam mit Sukadev an dem Kongress teilgenommen. Ein Highlight war ein Auftritt mit Kirtan und Asanas der Confederação Portuguesa do Yoga / Portuguese Yoga Confederation. Yogis aus Portugal, angeleitet von H. H. Jagat Guru Amrta Súránanda Mahá Rája, zeigen hier tiefe Hingabe und Freude in ihrer Praxis. Yoga Vidya Events und Kongresse! Sei beim nächsten Mal mti dabei! Praktiziere intensiv Asanas bei Yoga Vidya.

Yoga Class with Amrta Suryananda Maha Raja – “Maha Sadhana”

If you already know the basic postures you can enjoy practicing this particular yoga class. More about Yoga Vidya. This Yoga Class was given at the European Yoga Congress 2014, “Yoga-Traditional wisdom for the future”, in Bad Meinberg, Germany by Swami Amrta Suryanada Maha Raja. Amrta Suryananda Maha Raja – Jagat Guru is President of Portugeuese and Iberian Yoga Association and Founder and honorary chairman of the Yoga Samkhya Institute. More about him and the Samkhya Institute: In 2001, he suggested the United Nations and the establishment of a UNESCO World Yoga Day (WYD) in front, which celebrated at the summer solstice on June 20, shall be. Join our great Yoga Community Erfahre mehr bei Yoga Vidya über Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Yogatherapie, Seminare, Aus- und Weiterbildungen. Du kannst auch nur einen kostenlosen Yoga-Übungsplan anfordern. Sei beim nächsten Yoga Kongress mit dabei!

Jógaóra Középhaladóknak 2 - Intermediate-level yogaclass in Hungarian

Jógaóra Középhaladóknak 2. - Az Ászanák mint imádság Ezen a jógaórán összekötheted a Hatha Jógát a Bhakti Jógával. A Hatha Jóga jót tesz a testi-lelki egészségnek és felébreszti a benned szunnyadó rejtett energiákat, ugyanakkor minden ászana (jógatartás) felfogható az egész testtel végzett imádságként, az Egész előtti tiszteletadásként is. További videókat ès információkat a jógáról, a meditációról és az ájurvédáról a weboldalon találsz. Intermediate level yoga class in Hungarian - Asanas as a prayer In this yoga class you can connect Hatha Yoga with Bhakti Yoga. Hatha Yoga is good for your physical and mental health and to awaken dormant, hidden energies in you, but every asana can be interpreted as a prayer (“body prayer”), as an obeisance to the highest. More about Yoga, Ayurveda and seminars at Yoga Vidya. Yoga Vidya Teachers Training Course or workshops at More information referring mantras, yoga and meditation at English Videos as well on Yogastunde Mittelstufe 2. auf Ungarisch - Asanas als Ganzkörpergebet mit Arjuna und Shakti In dieser Yogastunde kannst du Hatha Yoga und Bhakti Yoga miteinander verbinden. Hatha Yoga fördert die Gesundheit von Körper und Geist und erweckt die in dir im verborgenen schlummernden Energien. Gleichzeitig kann jede Asana (Yogastellung) auch als Ganzkörpergebet, als Ehrerbietung an das Ganze ausgeführt werden. Erfahre mehr über Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation und das Seminarangebot bei Yoga Vidya.

Yoga - Curso Principiantes - Yoga en Español

Te presentamos esta breve introducción al Yoga, dedicada especialmente para principiantes. En él podrás formarte una pequeña idea de en qué consiste la práctica del Yoga y cómo te puede beneficiar. Una vez que te familiarizes con esta breve clase, estarás preparado para iniciarte con clases en las que podrás obtener una buena base. Al finalizar podrás comprender y realizar una práctica sencilla y adecuada a las necesidades que tu cuerpo busca y necesita. En esta clase de introducción al Yoga te aconsejamos hacer solo lo que puedas. Sigue la enseñanza a tu propio ritmo, no fuerces ninguna postura. Si notas que en algún momento el ritmo de la clase te supera, no dudes en descansar y unirte al ejercicio cuando lo consideres apropiado... Para practicar yoga no se necesita ser flexible, pero si ser constante en la práctica. Este es el mejor regalo que uno puede hacerse a si mismo para sentirse bien. Con Gauri Eckhard, We present this brief introduction to Yoga, dedicated especially for beginners. You can get a idea of what the practice of Yoga and how you can benefit. Once familiarizes you with this short class, you're ready to get started with classes where you can get a good foundation. At the end you will understand and perform simple and adequate to the needs of your body practice that seeks and needs. In this kind of introduction to Yoga advise you only do what you can. To practice yoga need not be flexible, but be constant in practice. Watch this video in higher quality: English Videos as well on Information on Yoga Vidya Teachers Training Course or workshops at

Maitri Bhava Meditation mit Arjuna und Shakti

További videókat ès információkat a jògàròl, a meditàciòròl ès az ajurvèdàròl Ebben a meditációban összekapcsolódunk az Univerzális Szeretettel. Megtapasztaljuk, hogy testünk, érzéseink, gondolataink egész megtestesült lényünk nem más, mint etam vibhutim ennek a Szeretetnek a megnyilvánulása. Szívünk Terébe térve megtapasztaljuk a bennünk és minden teremtett lényben élő Végtelen Irgalmat és ezt sugározzuk ki önmagunkra és minden lényre. Connect yourself In this meditation with the Universal Love. We have the experience that our bodies, our thoughts and feelings, our whole incarnate beings is nothing more than etam vibhutim, a manifestation of this universal love. We return to the room of Our heart. In that we´ll find the in all beings inherent infinite mercy which radiates on us and all beings. Information on Yoga Vidya Teachers Training Course or workshops at For more english yoga videos, music, blog posts, etc., please visit our english pages at Wir verbinden uns in dieser Meditation mit der Universellen Liebe. Unser ganzes inkarniertes Wesen ist etam vibhutim, eine Manifestation dieser Universellen Liebe. Wir kehren in dem Raum unseres Herzen ein und erfahren dort die in uns wohnende unendliche Barmherzigkeit, die auf uns und auf alle Wesen ausstrahlt. Erfahre mehr über Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation und das Seminarangebot bei Yoga Vidya:

Intermediate-level Yoga Class with Sabu – Sivananda Yoga

Classical intermediate-level yoga class in the Sivananda tradition with Sabu. A Yoga teacher from Canada. A complete yoga practice in 1 hour 50 minutes: English with german translation. Pranayama, sun salutations (surya namaskar), basic postures (asanas), final relaxation. For intermediate students who have already mastered the basics. Translatiion: Kumari. Information about Sabu: More information at More videos on Yoga Teacher training: Watch the video on youtube in a higher resolution. Look here: Englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung. Klassische Mittelstufen Yogastunde nach der Sivananda Tradition mit Sabu, einem kanadischen Yogalehrer. 1 Stunde und 50 Minuten Pranayama, Sonnengruß, Asanas und Endentspannung. Übertsetzung: Kumari. Mehr über Yoga, Ayurveda und das Seminarangebot bei Yoga Vidya. Du kannst dir auch einen kostenlosen Yoga-Übungsplan anfordern:

Kalarippayat Impressions

Kai and Viktor show Kalarippayat impressions. Kalarippayat is an ancient Indian martial and healing arts. Kalarippayat is strongly influenced by the development of Yoga and Ayurveda. Our english website: English Videos as well on Yoga Vidya Teachers Training Course or workshops at

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"Serve, Love, Give, Purify, meditate, Realize" Swami Sivananda

Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda

I am a Yoga and Meditation teacher from Germany. I have produced a number of Videos, Pdocasts and Music mp3s:
Yoga Beginners Class:
English Yoga Videos: Mantra Videos: Yoga Demonstrations: Hier einige Audio Dateien als mp3 Dateien zum Anhören und kostenlosen Download. Indem du auf "Menu" klickst, kannst du auch wechseln zu Entspannungs- und Meditationsanleitungen sowie zu Mantra-Musik.: Chakras painted by Sharada in Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany, Yoga Ashrams in Germany: Bad Meinberg und im Westerwald . Yogaschulen und Yoga Zentren in 50 verschiedenen Städten. Yoga Seminare, Yogalehrer Ausbildung, Yogalehrer Weiterbildung. Ayurveda Ausbildung, Meditation Ausbildung. Umfangreiche Internet Seiten mit kostenlosen Hörsendungen (Mantras, Vorträge, Yogastunden, Meditationsanleitungen, Entspannung...), Yoga Videos, Yoga Unterrichtsmaterialien. Großes Yoga Therapie Portal.

Was ist Yoga?
Was ist Ayurveda?
Was ist Meditation?

English Yoga Vidya Pages:
- What is Yoga?
- What is Ayurveda?
- Yoga Teachers Training Course
- Yoga Seminars

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Today: Yoga-Master Swami Vishnu-devananda's Birthday Celebration

Swami Vishnu-devananda Swami Vishnu-devananda Swami Vishnu-devananda Swami Vishnu-devananda

On 31st of December is celebrated the 81st birthday anniversary of Yoga Master Swami Vishnu-devananda. This Yogilived from 1927 to 1993. He was born in Kerala/South India. He was a real pioneer of Yoga…


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A las 11:41am del octubre 14, 2009, MERCEDES BARRIOS dijo...
Hola, me gusta mucho los mantras!!! Gracias por todas las cosas bellas que compartes!!!
A las 8:25am del abril 19, 2009, Psp Noemi Dalmolín dijo...
Excelente Material! Bellísimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abrazos Noemi
A las 11:35am del febrero 6, 2009, Luis Angel Diaz dijo...
Hi Sukadev:
I enjoy what you offer very much. Are you willing to create a group on Yoga so that more people will know this material?

What do you think?

A las 4:45am del enero 27, 2009, Debbie Magee dijo...
Good morning, Sukadev. Thanks for joining Green Communities. I've watched some of your yoga videos. They are wonderful and helpful. I look forward to hearing about your insights and experiences.
~ Debbie
A las 2:43pm del diciembre 26, 2008, Luis Angel Diaz dijo...
Dear friend;


A las 9:07am del diciembre 26, 2008, Administrador de Ser Real dijo...
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Bienvenida a nuestra pagina de SerReal/BeingReal.

This message is Bi-lingual.

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I suggest you to join the Group "Tips and tricks, how to use this site?" to find answers to your questions.

4- Además encontraras en mi pagina (Administrador de Ser Real), el blog "Novedades de esta Semana" con todos los ultimos movimientos en los Grupos, Videos y Foros en actividad.
Para acceder a ello simplemante has click en mi imagen y te guiara a mi pagina.
In my page "Administrador de Ser Real"), you will also find the blog, "NOVEDADES DE ESTA SEMANA/ THIS WEEK NEWS" with the Videos, Groups and Forums last activities.

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Thank you!
A las 11:41pm del diciembre 23, 2008, Luis Angel Diaz dijo...
Welcome Sukadev!
I hope you will enjoy this place.
I love your page. it will take me while to go through it.


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